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You will also find a showcase of some of the digital experiences we have created on the rest of the page. We hope you find it useful!

Create Conversations
Finding our common ground starts with a conversation.
Let this guide to better conversations help you strike up conversations with others more easily, and create deeper connections with those in your community.

Platforms used:
Video Ask & Mailchimp
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Refresh: A Chat about Purpose
A interactive form to help people reflect and articulate what their purpose is.

Platforms used:
Formstack & Mailchimp
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LIFE Easter Egg Hunt
Social Media activation on Instagram. Across the city there are Easter eggs hiding find them all to spell out the mystery phrase and be in to win. Good luck!

Platforms used:
Instagram & Form on Church Co website.
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Legacy Mountain
We invite you to make your mark in this significant season by planting your flag on the Legacy Mountain - an online experience where you can celebrate the part that you and so many others have played and will continue to play as we embark on our final ascent.

Platforms Used:
React, Google Firebase
*This activation was custom-built, but we managed to use a lot of the features that already came with Google Firebase such as hosting and user management.
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The platforms we use

With a myriad of different digital platforms out there, it's hard to know which ones to use.
Below is a list of a few that we like to use and what we use them for!

We use Formstack for pretty much all of our forms. It has conditional logic, custom themes and also an ability to integrate with things like Mailchimp, Google Sheets, Microsoft Dynamics and so much more. A highly-custom form builder like Formstack allows us to have a great starting base for all of our digital processes and activations.
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Email is a very key channel of communication for us. With over 20,000 people on our database, it's one of our most successful ways of engaging and communicating our key messages and events.

Mailchimp is an industry standard and leader when it comes to email marketing platforms. Because it is so widely accepted, almost every digital platform integrates with it, which is very handy for creating seemless, end-to-end digital experiences.
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Out of all the "no-code" website builders out there, we found Webflow to be the most flexible and customisable. It's also happens to be very popular, with a comprehensive tutorial section called the "Webflow University."

It also has a large community producing 'clonable' projects and tutorials meaning you are never short of ideas on building immersive, engaging websites.
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We recently discovered Videoask, when it randomly came up on one of our staff member's Facebook Feed as an ad (they can be useful sometimes!).

It allows you to create surveys where instead of using text to ask questions, you are able to ask it in a video format. This allows us to create a much more personal, engaging experience. We have only used it once for one of our campaigns, and our team can't wait to see what else we can create with it!
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